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Spring Plant Sale

Pre-orders May 25 - 26 for pick up

May 27 - 28.

In-person sale May 29 - 30.

Weeding Wednesdays

May 5 - September 29, 6-8 pm

Meet at the Resource Centre, 10 Cameron Court. Bring your own gardening gloves.

May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the Fredericton Botanic Garden Association


In 1989, inspired by their common passion for botany and horticulture, a group of local residents formed the Fredericton Botanic Garden Association (FBGA), dedicated to establishing a Botanic Garden in Fredericton. One year later, in 1990, the City of Fredericton dedicated a 53-acre property at the west end of Odell Park and the Fredericton Botanic Garden was born.


Since its establishment, the Garden has evolved through the joint efforts of the members of the FBGA and the City. In 1992 a Local Improvement Association was incorporated. It consolidates the interest of the parties in the creation and improvement of the site. It defines responsibilities of each group with respect to the Garden, its maintenance and growth.


The Goals of the Fredericton Botanic Garden:

  • to provide a recreational opportunity to the public by means of walks, interpretive trails and beautiful displays of flowers and foliage

  • use tried and untried plant species and varieties so the public have a hands-on demonstration of plant hardiness

  • educate people of all ages to appreciate plants and to learn how plants coexist in natural settings

  • involve the community in the development of a new and important tourist attraction for the Fredericton area