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Online Talks in the Garden for Members

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

November 18, 7:30 pm: "Charles Darwin’s Barnacle, David Bowie’s Spider, and Pierre Magnol’s Magnolias: What’s revealed When We Name Species After People?"

Speaker: Steve Heard, Professor of Biology, UNB; and President, Fredericton Botanic Garden Association.

Gardeners are obsessed with putting a name to each garden plant they encounter. Most plants and animals are known by multiple common names in every language imaginable, but there is only one valid scientific name for each species. Dr. Stephen Heard is fascinated with how scientific names are established and has written a book on plant and animal species that were named to recognize, honour or sometimes even mock people. In our first ever online talk, he will share with you some fascinating stories about how various species got their scientific names, and about the scientists who named them.

Members will receive an invitation with a Zoom link via email. Join or renew your membership if you have not received an invitation. The Garden gratefully acknowledges the Anglican Diocese of New Brunswick for sponsoring Zoom access for Talks in the Garden.


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